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Metal Roofs for All and All for Metal Roofs

The metal roof industry has taken off and is not confined to commercial-only use anymore. With new high-tech coatings that resist color fading and metal alloys that promote strength and longevity, a metal roof on your commercial property or home can be a suitable option for your project. Metal roofs last two to three times longer than a standard roof so when considering cost, the future savings make it comparable to a traditional, asphalt shingle roof.  Thinking of sustainability, most if not all, metal roofs will go to recycling rather than end up in a landfill and are replaced less often than their counterparts.  When considering possibilities of weather damage, some panels come with a Class 4 hail impact resistance rating. 

Rain on Roof
Quality Installation Matters


At Lousberg Roofing we stand behind our work making each roof our own and establishing lifetime customers. Manufacturer specifications are unique to each shingle and each application, our experienced crews will install your product to that specific standard to insure you have your home protected by a quality product and a high-quality install.


We never rush in the cold months. With most experts agreeing that the best time to roof is when the weather is warm, calm and dry we will only roof when the temperature is favorable and allows our guys to give you the best install possible. With our lifetime workmanship warranty, we want to make sure your roof looks good and is ready to perform from day one. 

Design and Function


Let Lousberg roofing help you design and build a roof that you can be proud of. Whether it is a subtle roof to something that makes your house unique and yours, we can accommodate such styles as tying in different products like metal to give your home an accent look or using above standard products in those trouble areas to make sure you have the piece of mind you deserve with a new roof.



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