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LOUSBERG Roofing & Exteriors Office
Pam Lousberg is the Founder and CEO of Lousberg Roofing & Exteriors, a woman-owned company dedicated to providing personalized, professional service to each individual client in and around the Denver Metro area.

A Colorado native, Pam grew up on a farm and was raised to see value in a job well done. While growing up, she paid close attention to her father’s work ethic and was continuously taught the rewards of what hard work will bring. Her father, Ron, and his brothers founded Lousberg Construction, maintained a 90-acre farm in Boulder and worked a large wheat farm in north eastern Colorado. Pam’s brother, Rob, followed their father’s footsteps by pursuing the career of building homes from the ground up and would routinely pull Pam on his construction projects. She is grateful for the time spent with both men, as they helped push her to become a successful business owner.


Pam went on to graduate from The Art Institute of Colorado with a BA in Interior Design. During the 2007 recession, she found herself unemployed with little opportunity in her chosen field. By chance, she fell into the roofing industry working for a large company which, over time, compelled her to think outside the normal realm of work. Pam quickly realized she would excel past the expectations of quality work if she could raise the bar and give customers a more personalized experience with great attention to detail. Pam’s desire to deliver a higher degree of service, using quality materials, and crews that aligned with her standards caused Lousberg Roofing & Exteriors to quickly surpass the competition and what many said could not be done. With the wealth of product, procedure, and service knowledge she retained, Pam earned her General Contracting License and HAGG Certification before starting Lousberg Roofing & Exteriors in April 2011.

The Company's Mission

“Building a foundation on hard work, integrity, and customer service.”

By hiring the best, most experienced roofing crews in the industry, treating them as family and working together as a team, Lousberg Roofing & Exteriors has confidently been able to stand behind their work.


Because of the dedication from Pam’s personal values, her amazing team, and talented contractors, Lousberg Roofing & Exteriors has grown and been recognized with excellent standing with the BBB, outstanding reviews and built a referral-based business.

Lifetime Workmanship Warranty 
Licensed General Contractor*
*We require 10% overhead and 10% profit of complete project
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