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Roofing Contractors in Denver - Why Picking The Right One is Important

Updated: Jan 25, 2019

Whether you are looking to repair, replace or deal with hail damage repair on your roof, there is a lot to consider when choosing reputable Denver roofing contractors. There are several topics to be listed here but I want to focus on one in this post. 


Warranty should be a deal breaker for anyone choosing a roofing company in Denver. You want to be sure you are covered by not only the contractors workmanship but the products they are putting on your roof.

The purpose of a warranty is to guarantee the workmanship of your roofing company. No matter where you are, Denver, Highlands Ranch, Littleton, Lakewood, Boulder, Aurora etc., be sure the contractor offers some transparency into how their business is operated. Any reputable roofing company will offer at least a 5 year workmanship guarantee (this is typically passed down from the manufacturers with whom they represent and conditions apply) so a clear sign of a “fly by night” roofing contractor is one who will not disclose or offer this.

DO NOT deal with anyone who does not offer this.

Be sure to ask for any references from contractors, AND ask what products they represent.  You can check with the manufacturers online to see if they are listed as a dealer for them. If they source their product through local supply houses, you should confirm with those suppliers their account status, how long they have been a vendor, their credit history and if they have any other comments to share. You would be surprised at how helpful this information can be.

At Lousberg contracting, we are fully insured and accredited, and hold all support and warranty statements directly from the manufacturers. You are fully covered when choosing us!

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